[Last updated with the 2020 changes for the Community Meeting]

The Foundation holds a monthly webinar for a Community Meeting.

At each meeting:

  • An update on the Foundation is given
  • A preview of upcoming Events
  • The latest news on the Platforms of the Foundation
  • Often a member of the Community or a guest will present a topic of interest

The Community Meeting is held the third Tuesday of every month at 11AM Eastern (Boston). Connection is through ZOOM (see below)

To join the meeting while it is LIVE use this link: https://zoom.us/j/657679480

Viewing Past Community Meetings

Recordings are stored on the Foundation’s YouTube Channel and available individually on the website.

There are changes to the Community Meeting for 2020.

No registration is required to join the webinar. During the webinar (third Tuesday of the month between 11AM and noon Eastern time, just join the session:

NOTICE: The Foundation is now using ZOOM Conferencing for the Community Meeting

Adding all of the remaining Community Meetings to your Outlook, Google Calendar or other calendar programs, it is a TWO-STEP process:

Adding the remaining Community Meetings to your Calendar

  • STEP 1: Press the button below to see a list of the remaining Community Meetings
  • STEP 2: At the bottom of that page, press the EXPORT EVENTS button. You will be given a choice of which calendar to use (Google Calendar, Outlook, or other calendaring system.