The i2b2 tranSMART Foundation, in cooperation with the Department of BioMedical Informatics (DBMI) of the Harvard University Medical School, was  held on June 27th and 28th 2018.

The format this year was a bit different with speakers on the first day talking about the importance of the platforms of the Foundation (i2b2 and tranSMART), their history as well as a look at the evolution of precision medicine.
On Day 2 we had multiple break-out session spanning the topics of current Foundation Working Groups (User Interfaces, Ontologies, ETL, Training, etc.) along with topics of interest in the areas of open source architecture, integration tools like PIC-SURE, etc.  Other topics will be added along with a hackathon on a topic of interest to the community.

Recordings and Slide Decks

See the slide decks and recordings using the links below:

2018 Foundation Harvard Users Group Links to Day 1 Slides & Recordings

TimeActivity/SpeakerTitle/DescriptionLink to Slide DeckLink to Recording
8:30 AMWelcomeDiane Keogh, Executive Director, i2b2 tranSMART Foundation
Info on Geneva MeetingJean Louis Raisaro
8:40TrinetXSponsor Presentation
8:50 AMZak Kohane, MD, PhDClearing the Cloudy Forecast for Clinic-Genomic Computing
9:15 AMJohn Halamka, MD, MSEmerging Models of Data Flow - APIs, Blockchain and Cloud
10:30 AMPaul Avillach, MD, PhDThe first public version of the i2b2/tranSMART platform
11:15 AMMessage from the Board and Open DiscussionZak Kohane
11:55 AMPersistentSponsor PresentationCOMMING SOON
1:00 PMGoogle EducationSponsor PresentationCOMMING SOONCOMMING SOON
1:05 PMGeorge Church, PhDOpen Source integration of Omics and other precision medicine data from 2005 to 2025COMMING SOON
1:45 PMEric Perakslis, PhDPushing Data Uphill: The Sociology of Open Tech and Open DataCOMMING SOON
3:00 PMAxiomedixSponsor Presentation
3:05 PMGriffin Weber, PhDi2b2 - new visualizations query performance enhancementsCOMMING SOONCOMMING SOON
3:40 PMBecky SteckKanban and Kidneys: using Agile software development methodologies to deliver solutions to renal translational research communitiesCOMMING SOON
4:10 PMShawn Murphy1. The integration of i2b2 with the future of Big Data
2. I2b2 and Jupyter “a perfect marriage”

4:55 PMMike Mendis and Mary SerpanINVcheck is an application using clinical data from ERHs, that enable emergency healthcare providers and emergency responders to pre- and post- event identify ‘at-risk’ patients who may be medically vulnerable to the impact of a natural disaster.

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