Next Meeting May 16, 2023

12:00 – 1:00 PM EST

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May 2023 Agenda

Coming Soon

March 2023 Agenda

Foundation updates

  • 2023 new board members – Katherine Luzuriaga, Gigi Lipori, and Abu Mosa
  • 2023 September 19-22, Events – Precision Medicine, AI Working Group and i2b2 tranSMART Symposium.
  • Demo of new i2b2 UI and release information.

January 2023 Agenda

Foundation updates

  • Welcome new board member Gloria “Gigi” Lipori
  • 2023 Symposium September 21-22
  • Dell project update: i2b2 on OMOP
  • University of Missouri School of Medicine presenting: Implementation of serverless architecture of i2b2 using AWS and Snowflake. Saber Hossain, Yaswitha Jampani and Vasanthi Mandhadi.
Past Meetings – Recordings and Slides