cfeYcYmiThe i2b2 tranSMART Foundation, in cooperation with the Department of BioMedical Informatics (DBMI) of the Harvard University Medical School, will  hold its annual June Symposium on June 17th and 18th 2019.

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The format this year will again have speakers on the first day talking about the importance of the platforms of the Foundation (i2b2 and tranSMART), their history as well as a look at several success stories using the platforms in clinical and precision medicine.
The format this year will again have talks on the first day from Zak Kohane, Shawn Murphy and Paul Avillach about the importance of the platforms of the Foundation (i2b2 and tranSMART), their history as well as a look at several success stories using the platforms in clinical and precision medicine.
There will be three invited talks plus several 30-minute an 15-minute use cases from i2b2 and tranSMART users.  If you have an interesting project, please consider presenting it SUBMIT PRESENTATION OR POSTER HERE.



Day 1 Invited Speakers
David Shaywitz,MD, PhD
Senior Partner at Takeda Ventures
Invited talk: From Novelty to Necessity: Data Science and Technology in Pharma R&D
Sebastian Schneeweiss, MD, ScD
Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at Harvard Medical School and Chief of the Division of Pharmacoepidemiology, Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital.
Invited talk: Healthcare databases and evidence on the effectiveness of medical products
John Brownstein, Chief Innovation Officer, Boston Children’s Hospital
Professor, Harvard Medical School
Invited Talk: Incubating Innovation in an Academic Medical Center
The presentations will take place at Simmons College, a short distance from Countway Library and last year's meeting.  The address is 300 The Fenway Boston, MA 02115.  Parking and other information is available HERE.  
 Most of the breakout sessions on the second day will be in the Countway Library.  Specific room locations will be announced closer to the event and we will have details and maps at the Registration desk during the event.
During the second day, a review of the Foundation platform roadmap will be presented with discussions and a breakout session.  This will take place at Countway Library.  See the LOGISTICS page for more details.
On Day 2 we will have multiple break-out session including the current Foundation Working Groups (User Interfaces, Ontologies, ETL, Use Cases) along with topics of interest in the areas of open source architecture, integration tools like PIC-SURE, etc.  Other topics of interest to the community will be added.  Paul Avillach and his team will hold sessions on the genomic medicine platform based on PIC-SURE and that incorporates the production releases of both i2b2 and tranSMART.





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