The i2b2 tranSMART Foundation, in cooperation with the Department of BioMedical Informatics (DBMI) of the Harvard University Medical School, held  a 2-day event on June 20th and 22nd 2017.

The i2b2 tranSMART Foundation will help from  the DBMI team,  sponsored the event to review uses of the tranSMART and i2b2 platforms, explore the future development of the platforms, and heard from users who described case studies  integrating the platforms to advance their precision medicine research projects.

The Symposium was held at Harvard Medical School, 77 Louis Pasteur, Boston MA, in the Rotunda (days 1 and 3) and in the Joseph P Martin Amphitheater (day 2).

Poster Session – Click here

June 20th and 22nd Presentation Recordings and Slide Decks

The presentation were recorded LIVE using Go TO Webinar.

The event recordings and the slide decks are available below.  More are being added as we are able to gather them.

SessionSpeaker #SpeakerSpeaker OrgTitle or TopicSlidesRecording
June 20th 2017Keith O. Elliston, PhDi2b2 tranSMART FoundationThe i2b2/tranSMART Foundation
and Precision Medicine
Doug MacFadden, Bhanu Bahl, PhDSHRINESHRINE update
i2b2/SHRINE SymposiumAccrual to Clinical Trials (ACT) Overviewcoming soon
Dan Connolly, PhD Univeristy of KansasUsing the NAACR Tumor Registry in i2b2 with HERON ETLcoming soon
Maren Wennberg & Russ Waitman, PhDUniversity of Kansas Medical CenterHERON (i2b2) Training Approaches at the University of Kansas Medical Centercoming soon
Paul Avillach, MD PhDBD2K PIC-SURE Restful APIcoming soon
KeynoteKaren Copenhaver, Esq.Choate Hall & Stewart LLPKey Ingredient of the Secret Sauce: Extending the Magic of Open Source Collaborative

Development to Clinical and Translational Research
Diane Keogh, Russ Waitman, PhD, Shawn Murphy, MD PhDUpdates from AMIA
New membership program Open community discussion Community opportunities to collaborate
coming soon
Shawn Murphy MD, Ph.D., Lori Phillips MS,
Alyssa Goodson MS,
Christopher Herrick MBA
Beyond i2b2 with BD2Kcoming soon
June 22nd 2017Gil Omenn, PhDUniversity of MichiganThe i2b2/tranSMART
Foundation WELCOME
coming soon
Rudy Potenzone, PhDi2b2 tranSMART FoundationThe i2b2/tranSMART Foundation tranSMART Development Plancoming soon
Ward Weistra, MScthe HyveTranSMART 2017: New dimensions and a new user interfacecoming soon
KeyNotePaul Avillach, MD PhDCreating scalable, secured, clinical and genomics platforms across clouds integrating i2b2 and tranSMART Platformscoming soon
Kavi Wagholikar & Mike MendisPartners Healthcare, IncI2B2 on Dockercoming soon
Michael MendisPartners HealthCare, Inc.Query Breakdown on Steroids!coming soon
Aaron AbendAutoimmune Registry Inc.Using i2b2 to integrate data across diseases: An Autoimmune Registrycoming soon
Keith Ellistoni2b2 tranSMART FoundationThe i2b2/tranSMART Foundation
and Precision Medicine
coming soon



Agenda for the i2b2 tranSMART Foundation 2017 Symposium

The AGENDA is available HERE.






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