This table of Vendors is a list of organizations who offer services to support the tranSMART Community in their deployment and use of the tranSMART Platform.  Inclusion in this table is voluntary and does not imply any recommendation or certification by the Foundation.

Vendors may sign up for inclusion in this directory HERE.

This is a list of companies who have registered with the Foundation as a Vendor of services that could be helpful and support the Community. We have not validated or vetted any of theses companies.
Vendor NameWebsiteData Curation & AnalysisPlatform ProvisioningTrainingCustom DevelopmentDescription of Services
InfosysMore InfoXXInfosys Life Sciences practice provides consulting, innovative solutions and services to Biopharma and medical device organizations.

Infosys Life Sciences practice provides consulting, innovative solutions and services to Biopharma and medical device organizations. Our dedicated practice on bioinformatics provides solutions on Transmart for data curation, integrations of new viewers and/or data sources, data platform extensions and consulting services in bioinformatics.
Sarvaha Systems Pvt LtdMore InfoXXXWe provide custom development services for Transmart. A sample of our work done for UNSW, Sydney is: We have also successfully ported and deployed Transmart 1.2 on Windows.

We have also successfully ported and deployed Transmart 1.2 on Windows.
Simbula Ltd.XXHealthcare Data Analysis and Custom Software Development (by a subsidiary of Simbula Ltd.)
Digitalica HealthMore InfoXXDigitalica Health offers services for design and implementation of clinical and translational research infrastructures based on the TranSMART platform and i2b2 integrated with clinical trial management tools like Openclinica
Clarivate AnalyticsMore InfoXXXXHaving worked with the platform and its original developers since 2009, Clarivate Analytics is one of the first and most experienced providers of tranSMART services. We offer a full spectrum of services ranging from data curation and platform customization to helping our customers integrate tranSMART into their organizational infrastructure. Two of the innovative tranSMART projects to have received Bio-IT World awards recently were delivered in collaboration with Clarivate Analytics: Bio-IT World 2015 Best Practice Award to Michael J Fox Foundation and Bio-IT World 2014 CHI Poster Competition Award to Boehringer Ingelheim, for BI-SMART. Through our broad range of manually curated content covering pathways, biomarkers, clinical trials available via APIs and plug-ins we enable tranSMART users to maximize the value of the investments they are making in the platform for translational research.
IO Informatics, Inc.More InfoXXXXIO Informatics provides software and services for uniquely efficient data integration and transformative knowledge applications. Areas of expertise include the life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medicine.
Kottackal Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.More InfoXXXInternet Product Development

Basically anything to do to take ideas to products specifically web products, we can help.
Clarity Solution GroupMore InfoXXClarity Solution Group is a leading provider of data and analytic solutions with a focus on Healthcare and Life Sciences. ClarityÕs engagement portfolio addresses assessments to strategy in Big Data and Analytics - across Data Integration, Master Data Management (MDM), BIM/EIM (Business/Enterprise Information Management), Data Warehousing and Data Science and Analysis.
ConvergeHEALTH by DeloitteMore InfoXXXXConvergeHEALTH is a business unit within Deloitte Consulting focused working with Life Sciences and Healthcare organizations to realize the potential of Precision Medicine and Value Based Care.

ConvergeHEALTH is a full service provider for tranSMART related services and is the industry leading translational research solutions provider. We have implemented over 30 translational research systems based on open source (i2b2, tranSMART) and proprietary technology, extensively customized and extended to meet specific client objectives. The extensions and enhancements developed as part of client projects have been contributed back into the open source code base to foster community growth and collaboration.

Services include:
Consulting; Installation; Application Development; Data Loading and Curation; Training; Support
The HyveMore InfoXXXXThe Hyve is a small international company with offices in Utrecht, Netherlands and Cambridge, MA, USA, that specialises in support for open source software for bioinformatics and translational research software, such as TranSMART. The Hyve offers several services related to the implementation of open source tools, such as requirements analysis and project definition, data loading and application support. The Hyve has considerable expertise in the development and support of tranSMART and is active as a major development party in a.o. CTMM TraIT, IMI eTRIKS, IMI EMIF and IMI Translocation. As such, The Hyve employs several core committers to the tranSMART code base and forms a major expertise centrum around tranSMART and connected tools, such as OpenClinica (eCRF), XNAT (imaging) and Galaxy (omics workflows). The Hyve has a multidisciplinary team of bioinformaticians, clinicians, statisticians, software developers and project managers, and has a both a software development / data science project team as well as a dedicated functional and technical support department.
Rancho BioSciencesMore InfoXXXXRancho BioSciences is a fee for service life science company providing data curation services leveraging open source tools and public domain data in Pharma, non-profit foundations and academia.

We have a team of experienced PhD and MD scientists around the world that deliver high quality work on time and on budget. Our goal is to help the life science community build better tools and take advantage of a wealth of scientific data by supporting and developing open source platforms.

We curate public and internal data sets from many sources unifying the data for search and analysis

We host and install tranSMART for our customers and develop collaboration environments

We provide knowledge mining services for drug repositioning, disease burden, build ontologies and dictionaries
Elevada LLCMORE INFOXXXXElevada is a data management software company and makers of the Curator data annotation and ETL platform. Our mission is to make truly usable data an achievable reality for organizations of all types and sizes.
Platomics GmbHMore InfoXPlatomics develops high quality Apps for companion diagnostics.
Digitalica HealthMore InfoXXWe would like offer services for TranSMART integration in healthcare and research infrastructures as well as face to face courses and training. Moreover, our company is currently developing an Research environment platform able to be integrated with TranSMART opensource software.
ESAC Inc.MORE INFOXXXIn addition to providing hosted solutions, we also provide extensive data cleaning, curation, loading and annotation services from our staff scientists. Our extensive experience in translational research products make ESAC your best partner for Transmart services.
GNUBILAMore InfoXXXXGnœbila ( is an innovative French company, developing open source based software solutions, using agile methodologies. Gnœbila operates since 2007, and develops with an international ambition and vision, that of delivering high quality dedicated transnational and translational e-infrastructures. Gnœbila's core technology originates from leading-edge research in distributed computing. It carries advanced concepts originally developed in and tested at CERN's Large Hadron Collider. Addressing compelling ICT needs in security, scalability and interoperability, gnœbila is particularly active in the healthcare sector, where it provides custom-built solutions to acquire, store, share and process anonymously medical sensitive data from across the healthcare enterprise.
Zifo RnD SolutionsMORE INFOXXXWe at Zifo are passionate about enabling and accelerating Pharma Research and Development to deliver novel medicines through the application of all aspects of Information Technology. We deliver great value through our deep understanding on scientific, technical and regulatory aspects in the areas of Enterprise Laboratory management and Clinical Research.
EPAMMORE INFOXXXWe are a global software engineering and product development services company focused on the most pressing challenges of our life science clients by blending 20 years of experience in scientific informatics, deep knowledge of the biopharma industry, and world-class enterprise IT innovation and user experience design.

We are providing end-to-end services in Life Science IT - from early discovery to clinical development with strong expertise in translational informatics, personalized medicine, intelligent enteprise and digital transformation.
ITTM S.A.MORE INFORMATIONXXXXITTM offers a highly integrated BioIT (ICT) service portfolio, ranging from data curation and cleansing, data analysis, integration and visualization, hosting of knowledge platforms, implementation and developments of dedicated software and data analysis pipelines, down to the final long-term backup and archiving of data.
GenialisMORE INFORMATIONXGenialis empowers life scientists to dive into their data and liberates informaticians to focus on complex analyses. Genialis designed a web-based software—Genialis Expressions—that automates data management and analysis tasks, and yields an intuitive and interactive work environment for exploring and sharing the results. In collaboration with industry partners, Genialis has configured the web-application to facilitate importing and exploring clinical datasets from the tranSMART database. The independence and autonomy of biologists using Genialis software greatly reduces trivial micro requests lobbed at informaticians, thus freeing more of their time to work on advanced analysis. Leveraging the latest web technologies and boasting Real Time Interactive Visualizations, the Genialis Expressions tranSMART app will drive discovery and insight generation like no other tool.
Excelra Knowledge SolutionsWebsiteXXXExcelra's expertise span across Data Solutions, Data Indexing & Abstraction and Data Analytics. The company has over nine successful Drug Repurposing collaborations with leading pharmaceutical companies and has developed a proprietary Drug Repurposing Platform and Computational Biology capabilities.

Excelra has a team of 650+ scientists with rich experience in Chemistry, Biology and Clinical Sciences who are engaged in curation of databases spanning SAR (GOSTAR), Biomarkers (GOBIOM) and Clinical outcomes. These databases are considered as industry standards and numerous publications have been made using the underlying content.

Excelra's portfolio of customers include some of the world's largest Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Publishing, Agrochemical, Life Sciences and Academic institutions in the USA, EU, Japan and Asia Pacific.
Admera Health, LLCWebsiteXXAdmera Health is an advanced molecular diagnostics and research service provider. Utilizing genomic and proteomic technology platforms (such as next generation sequencing and aptamer), together with advanced bioinformatics, Admera Health strives to provide best solutions for all researchers and biopharma companies.

Custom Services of Admera Health operates in a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory for the development, validation, and delivery of laboratory developed tests (LDTs) as well as RUO (Research Use Only) services. We are committed to maintaining compliance with all clinical regulations and to upholding the highest quality standards for all our projects. Admera Health is the winner of 2016 Frost & Sullivan BEST PRACTICE AWARD.
BIOMERISWebsiteXXXXBIOMERIS is a young company, accredited as an academic Spin-Off from the University of Pavia (Italy), providing solutions that cover the whole life cycle of a biomedical research project: from design to data curation, from platform provisioning (also on the Cloud since we are Amazon AWS Official Partners) to custom development, from training to maintenance and assistance.

In particular BIOMERIS team has a solid experience in providing solutions that leverage the i2b2 platform and its extensions, including:

1) data sharing network based on SHRINE technology.

2) Natural Language Processing and Text-Mining algorithms applied (in several clinical context) to enlarge the spectrum of the data sources managed by the i2b2 data warehouse.

3) eCRF systems integrated with i2b2 for both secondary analysis of trial data and re-use of i2b2 data in new clinical studies.
PrognosisWebsiteXXPrognosis Data knows healthcare data, from the appointment to the medical record to the clinical study. Integrating data is our specialty, and we create data resources that address patient-specific outcomes, provider level metrics, and strategic metrics that help healthcare executives navigate through the complexities of an evolving environment.
Axiomedix, Inc.WebsiteXXXXFounded by the same team that founded and ran the i2b2 tranSMART Foundation, today Axiomedix is a leading provider for open source platforms for precision medicine. We offer subscription support services and innovative enterprise development – including cloud hosting, custom development, and analytics services – for our clients around the globe. Our platforms are scalable solutions for teaching hospitals, academic medical centers, nonprofits, and biopharma companies of all sizes.
Vendor NameWebsiteData Curation & AnalysisPlatform ProvisioningTrainingCustom DevelopmentDescription of Services