These volunteer groups are open to anyone.

They generally meet on a regular schedule and all of the information is posted on their wiki page. At the end of this section is a link to join a Working Group. Or send us a suggestion for a new group that you would like to help organize!



Working GroupChairStatusLINK
Case StudiesOpenRe-starting
Committee on TechnologyGriffin WeberActiveComing Soon
ETLMike MendisActiveWiki
European User GroupOpenForming
EventsRudy PotenzoneAd Hoc
OntologiesJim CampbellActiveWiki
TrainingRudy PotenzoneAd Hoc
tranSMARTRudy PotenzoneActiveStarting January 2021
User InterfaceGriffin WeberActiveWiki




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    Consider joining our newest Working Group, European User Working Group.
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