During our final training class of 2017, we expect to have our 400th trainee since the start of the program in 2015.

Oksana Turina of Rancho BioSciences will cover overview of basic main features of tranSMART 16.1. We will cover the principles of creating cohorts and working with different workflows. We will explore different functional analyses available in tranSMART in order to evaluate robustness of several putative biomarkers identified in two example studies of uveal melanoma. We will learn how to use correlation analyses, box plot with Anova and clustering techniques to verify reported findings and also to generate novel hypotheses in the form of new gene lists (biomarkers). We will learn how to test new hypotheses on the fly in different studies.

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A special thank you to the training team at Rancho BioSciences, Clarivate Analytics and The Hyve for provide exceptional webinars for almost every month for 3 years!

2018 Program

We will announce our 2018 Training program in a few weeks.  If you have any suggestions for topics, or would like to volunteer (yourself or a colleague!!) to give a webinar, please contact Rudy (Rudy.Potenzone@i2b2transmart.org)