Once again this year, the i2b2 tranSMART Foundation will be present at the International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference in San Francisco on Feb 12-14, 2018!

Join over 3,700 drug discovery and development professionals worldwide at the 25th International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference!

The Exhibit Hall will be open Monday evening, Feb 12th, through Wednesday Feb 14th at 2PM.  We will be in Booth #321.

Joining us this year are three collaborators, Elevada, Axiomedix and Ingentium.  Stop by the booth to learn more about the Foundation and our partners!

  • Elevada – Elevada’s mission is to help the business user to easily gather and normalize disparate data into consistent, usable data sets. Elevada’s self-service data preparation platform allows professionals, teams and organizations to easily transform business logic into actionable, automated processing–for nearly all kinds of data.  Learn about their products Curator and Studio.
  • Axiomedix – Axiomedix offers user and admin support for the tranSMART and i2b2 platforms and will soon offer cloud based deployment.  Learn more at booth $321.
  • Ingentium – Ingentium offers disease-focused knowledge bases and knowledge graphs to support research and development teams.  Our Ingentium Magazines are available in many formats including Feedly, Apple News and Flipboard.  Stop by booth #321 to learn more.